EHAS publishes an annual newsletter with news and articles on archaeology and events in East Herts written by local experts. We are starting to digitise this and articles can be found here.

Recent publications on archaeology and history in East Herts
Dury & Andrews’ Map of Hertfordshire. Society and Landscape in the Eighteenth C, by Andrew Macnair, Anne Rowe, and Tom Williamson, Windgather Press, 2016, ISBN 978-1-909686-73-1

Archaeology in Hertfordshire, Recent Research. A festschrift for Tony Rook, edited by Kris Lockyear. University of Hertfordshire Press, ISBN 978-1-909291-42-3 September 2015, 384pp.

Hertfordshire: A Landscape History by Anne Rowe and Tom Williamson, 1st June 2013. ISBN 10: 1909291005

- Mark Landon, Making a Mint, Current Archaeology no 234,
September 2009
 - Landon, Mark Bromley Hall and Caley Wood Fieldwork
2009, Braughing Archaeology Group
 - A. Rowe, C. Taylor and T. Williamson, ‘
The earthworks at
Benington Park, Hertfordshire
: an exercise in dating an
‘archaeological garden’’, Landscape History vol. 32, 2011, issue 2

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EHAS publications

About a year after the society was formed in 1898, it began publishing the EHAS Transactions. Each volume contained a mix of papers written by local historians and archaeologists, covering a broad range of topics including architecture, language, East Herts worthies and archaeological excavations. The Transactions were published until the 1960s at which point they were replaced by Hertfordshire Archaeology, a joint publication with the St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society. The journal of record for archaeological and historical projects in the county is now known as Hertfordshire Archaeology and History - currently standing at Volume 16 (as of 2012).

We have indexed the EHAS Transactions and our ambition is to make the articles available online but this will be a major project which will require funding. If you have the skills, technology and time – or access to funds - to help us, please contact us.