Lectures and events

EHAS runs an annual series of lectures during the winter months. During the spring and summer, we organise a series of excursions to interesting sites, buildings or museums in the region. Visit that page on this site for more details.

Lectures take place at Bengeo Parish Hall, Duncombe Rd, by Tower St, Hertford SG14 3DA at 2.30pm.
All visitors are welcome.
To find out more, please contact the EHAS Lecture Secretary Mr Brian Shillum via

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Get involved!

The Norton Community Archaeology Group (NCAG) is continuing its excavation of the Norton Henge site, and may ask NCAG members whether they would like to take part next year. In most years, NCAG also invites members of other archaeological groups to join the dig. EHAS members should watch this site for news of next season’s excavations. In order to take part in the dig, it is necessary for volunteers to become members of NCAG. This costs £10 pa (but is free to anyone living in the SG6 post code area). 

For the past few years there have been taster weekends for beginners at Copped Hall in Essex. The aim is to learn about excavation techniques and  handling of finds on the site of a Tudor mansion. These typically take place in July, followed by longer digs, typically in August. For details see the Events page call 0208 491 6514 or email coppedhalldigs@weag.org.uk.

BAG and EHAS are now collaborating with other Herts groups on a  community geophysics project “Sensing the Iron Age and Roman Past” organised by Dr Kris Lockyear from UCL and Welwyn Archaeology Society which aims to study a number of sites across the county using magnetometry. You can follow it on this blog. If you want to get involved and learn about geophysics, contact us.

Finally BAG is continuing work at Braughing. See the BAG page for contact details.


Dates for your diary:

9 July 2016: North Hertfordshire Museum, Hitchin is hosting a one-day hands-on human remains workshop as part of a project to further our understanding of health in and around Baldock, Hertfordshire, the site of small Roman town. See Lectures page.

University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education
Undergraduate Certificate in Medieval England (new for 2016!)November 2016 – June 2017, weekend teaching sessions. Course fee: £2,250. This course uses surviving medieval documents, buildings, landscapes and  artefacts to address big questions about medieval England, with units on political culture, landscape archaeology, and art and architecture.
Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology October 2016 July 2017, Tuesday evening sessions. Course fee: £1,900. This course is an introduction to the great civilisations of the ancient  world. You will learn about the archaeology of Ancient Egypt, the  Mediterranean world of the Romans and Greeks, and the civilisations of Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Mesoamerica, through studying key case studies of sites and monuments in the landscape.
Undergraduate Certificate in Local History
October 2016 June 2017, Sunday day schools. Course fee: £1,900. This course introduces you to local history and provides you with some of  the key skills and concepts used by local historians. Units include  ˜Introduction to local history, ˜Communities and culture in early modern England and ˜The death of Christian England: the impact of the  First World War on English churches and churchgoing.Undergraduate Diploma in Archaeology
October 2016 July 2017, Wednesday evening sessions and some Saturday practical sessions and field trips. Course fee: £1,900. This one-year part-time Diploma course will give you an advanced and  in-depth knowledge of a key prehistoric and historic period in the archaeology of Britain. This is coupled with an insight into the study of bones and ancient diseases, so vital in the interpretation of prehistoric and historic periods. 
Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Archaeology Undergraduate. Advanced Diploma in Local History. Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Historic Environment November 2016 May 2018, 8 supervisions. Course fee: £3,600 Advanced Diplomas are taught part-time over two years, at third-year  undergraduate level. They allow you to pursue your own research project under the guidance of a Cambridge supervisor, and provide an excellent grounding in research methods for those wishing to continue with their research at a higher level.To find out more contact